We specialize in the supply, assembly and service of industrial pumps. We can provide replacement or repair of existing pumps or service at the place of operation.

We supply pumps for wastewater treatment, hygienic applications, food industry and production. We supply pumps for mechanical engineering, automotive, stationery, paint and varnish production, agriculture and other industries. We supply automatic pressure stations, surface and sludge pumps, gear pumps, hose pumps, dosing pumps and more. We always offer a cost-optimal solution.

Services offered:

  • Delivery of pumps and fittings
  • Pump repair and service
  • Repairs of electric motors
  • Production and replacement of pump seals
  • Production and installation an automatic pressure station

Supplies of pumps and fittings

We supply pumps and fittings of all world manufacturers. We connect cables, convert pumps to various media, etc. We specialize in the supply of pumps and their applications in industrial plants, production plants, agriculture, waste water treatment plants, etc.

We are an authorized dealer of brands GRUNDFOS, WILO, KSB, Tapflo, SIGMA, HCP, DAB and other. We provide delivery of complete pump including fittings and accessories.

Pump repair and service

We can repair pumps and their engines with a report. We can provide a replacement or a repair of existing pumps. Our advantage is a fast and flexible solution to demand. We can respond flexibly and offer quality services at an adequate price.

Repairs of electric motors

We can fix the engines at your pumps by rewinding. We repair quickly and reliably electric motors of all brands, types and sizes – from small electric motors up to 5.5 kW to electric motors with a power output of 110 kW.

  • We use high-quality copper wires for rewinding electric motors.
  • These wires have excellent conductivity and workability.
  • We can provide a transport of the pump.
  • Our advantage is speed and flexibility in solving the requirements of our customers.

Production and replacement of pump seals

We provide mechanical seals for any type of pump. The mechanical seal is exposed to variable working conditions. These can sometimes differ from the conditions for which the seal was originally designed. It is advisable to consult the replacement of mechanical seals especially for larger pumps. We will arrange the replacement of the seal and service of your pumps.

Production and installation of automatic pressure station

Automatic pressure stations are designed for pumping and increasing the pressure of clean water. It is for various areas such as residential buildings, industrial plants, hospitals, schools, hotels, guesthouses, irrigation systems, etc. We can advise you and select a station that connect your needs and requirements. Our advantage is speed and flexibility in solving demands.